Hotel in the snow

Crans-Montana: spot yourself in this action movie

Is the world not enough? Get to the breathtaking top, then.

Viviane Vaz

Let me invite you to jump in the train from Martigny to Crans-Montana and head to the ski resort located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The resort is a fusion of two centers (Crans and Montana) in the canton of Valais and is located on a plateau above Sierre at about 1,500 m above sea level, allowing a great view over the Valais Alps and Weisshorn, in particular. 

Let’s film it here. Elektra: I hope you know how to ski, then. Bond: I came prepared for a cold reception.


Dance in the snow: twist and go!

The skiing area of Crans-Montana is composed of 140 km (87 mi) of pistes and it is topped by the Pointe de la Plaine Morte at 2,927 m. If this place can impress professional skiers, imagine myself –a complete ski beginner! I was lucky my hosts gave me a warm reception and found me a super cool instructor to help me discover this winter sport. New in the area, also my experienced colleagues welcomed the guidance from a instructor born and based in Crans Montana. So, if you need ski school recommendation, we can definitely assist you on that.

Remember we said Switzerland is not only for (re)tired people? Look how active they are!

After one day of skiing here, I discovered skiing has a lot to do with dancing. If you know how to disassociate your body in the dance floor, you can also do it on snow. Fix your eyes in a point in the horizon, find your balance, twist your chest, twist your hips and let the snow make you flow… Don’t be afraid of falling, the snow won’t hurt! (I fell loads and I survived to tell 🙂 )  Now I dream to continue my ski classes every season and maybe one day become a real skier like those guys.



Finally we get to the moment everybody looks forward after a good day of exercise: the after-ski! We can recommend you a magnificent hotel in the top of the mountain, near the ski area. I know they have not filmed a James Bond movie here yet –but it’s just a matter of time. I promise you gonna feel like in one of his movies if you fall asleep and… have your morning swimming here!

Bond: I hope you can swim.

Crans-Montana also hosts the winter mountain pop rock “Caprices Festival” and the second largest European golf event “Omega European Masters”. We can plan your participation and stay for these two events with pleasure. In Summer time, the ski resort gives room to a bike park frequently used for bicycle racing, having hosted the Tour de Suisse seven times and the Tour de Romandie eight times as of 2013.  Winter is also good time to go for a ride, if you are a fatbike fan. Or let’s just go for a walk, shall we?

Lachaise: “I’m giving you the opportunity to walk out with the money, Mr. Bond.” Bond: “I’m giving you the opportunity to walk out with your life.”