Id International presents first Flamenco travel in Belgium

Visiting Seville through the Flamenco perspective is a complete cultural travel experience

Brussels, 4 March, 2017 – From 2 to 4 March, the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) took on southern Spain colours to host its first Brussels Flamenco Festival. Bozar celebrated Andalusian music and dance with performers from Spain as well as representatives of Brussels’ own thriving flamenco scene, organised with the Belgian Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Tourism Office. Within the framework of this festival, Id International director, Christophe Barbé, was invited to Bozar to present all the details of the first full travel program dedicated to Flamenco organized by a Belgian licensed travel company: the Flamenco travel!

Id International’s director, Christophe Barbé, explains the Flamenco travel program during the Bozar festival

Belgium, where a large Spanish community made its home since the 1960s, has developed throughout the years its own flamenco scene, with dedicated venues, guitarists, singers, dance academies… In the Belgian scene was just missing an organized connection to Flamenco roots in Andalusia. Today, not anymore. Id International has just launched its new Thematic program: Flamenco in Seville.

We are not offering a standard Seville city tour package, but a complete cultural experience: the flamenco dance classes; tailormade walks explaining the historical background; visits to Flamenco design ateliers… It’s a very rich and elaborated travel program”, explains Christophe Barbé. “It’s a different and original way to discover the city of Seville”, highlights the director.

Straight out from Andalusia: traditional paper lamps were brought to decorate Bozar ceiling

The audience in the Horta Hall had the chance to enjoy the Andalusian village decoration and the atmosphere of a taberna flamenca, while overviewing Id’s Flamenco travel program in detail.

The next group departure to Seville takes place in September. If you were not in the conference, you can still read about the Flamenco travel program and schedule a visit to the agency based in Groot Bijgaarden, 10 minutes from Brussels center. You can also get a glimpse of Feria de Sevilla in the video below. It may  inspire you to join Id’s Flamenco travel program in 2018!