Geneva for busy-ness people 

Just one day, just one night: pass by in great style!

So you are in Geneva in transit thanks to a long-haul flight, or perhaps you need to go there to finally sign that work contract… Or maybe you just decided to pass by as part of your European tour. You have only one evening and only one morning to see the second most populous city in Switzerland, the famous “capital of peace”. You think there’s no time to enjoy the city and have fun because the Swiss will have closed everything early and you will be in bed at 22h, right? Maybe… Maybe not, if you come with us! 😉

Evening arrival

We gonna bring you to N’vY, a beautiful 4-star hotel in the best location of the city: easy connection to the train station; close to the lake Geneva; cozy, colourful and trendy rooms; nice breakfast; guitar and art collections… Check this out!


Don’t worry, you are not going to come back home without getting some authentic traditional Swiss experience. Look where we can reserve your dinner:

Back to the hotel you can still enjoy a good bar with DJ! No need to rush to bed at 10 P.M. sharp. Take a drink and relax! 

Morning after

Wake up, enjoy your breakfast and take a walk around the famous lake Geneva. You will find super cool sculptures along the way!

What about taking a self-portrait in this cool mirror-sculpture in lake Geneva?


If you still have some time left before catching your train or plane, we know exactly where to take you to have a very exclusive experience. Curious? It’s a secret we only share with our best clients 🙂