Garden Party

Green light to festivals and events organized by professionals in Belgium

The Belgian government trust the event sector to comply with Covid-19 protocol for events with more than 50 people

Viviane Vaz for Id International

(Brussels, 17 MAY 2021)

(Updated 18 MAY 2021)

With more and more people vaccinated in Belgium against Covid-19, the government plans to allow cultural, sports and private events organized by licensed event professionals to take place again this Summer. 

From 9 June on, “eight out of ten vulnerable people should be vaccinated, which corresponds to about 50% of adults,” said the Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo. From September, “the idea is to lift the restrictions as much as possible from then on,” he said. “September 1st is not only the start of a new school year, but also the day on which we can once again allow our social life to flourish,” expects De Croo.

The announcement gives new hope to the event sector, both for famous Summer music festivals such as Tomorrowland, Red Bull, Jazz Middelheim, but also for families and companies willing to organize their private meetings and conferences.

The Flemish Minister Jan Jambon explained that any person can invite until ten guests to their garden or terrace from 9 June with one condition: the event must be organised by a professional caterer or event professional.

“Everything that is organised (this Summer) should be arranged by a professional organisation,” Jambon declared to ATV last Sunday.

The minister trust the event professionals to plan and make sure Covid-19 safety measures are followed in Belgian events. “Whether it is in a party hall or at someone’s house, if it’s a professional caterer who takes care of things and makes sure that everything is in line with the rules, it is allowed,” Jambon added.

He highlighted this is the same principal already applied to bars and restaurants. “There are a number of protocols and rules imposed, and the manager of the business is responsible for applying them correctly,” Jambon explained.

Tuesday update

This May 18 Jambon increased the number of house guests without having to call on a professional caterer from 10 to 50 people outside. “We will allow garden parties for up to 50 people from June 9, when further relaxation can take place,” the Flemish Minister said on Tuesday evening during the “Cooke & Verhulst Show” program on Play Vier.



9 June

-Interior activities such as fitness centers, theaters and cinemas will be again permitted.

-Non-professional sports activities can take 50 participants in a interior room, or 100 participants outdoors.

-Indoor events with a maximum of 200 people will be allowed. If the event takes place at an open air area, it may count with 400 participants.

-Weddings, funerals and other religious ceremonies may have 100 people indoors, and 200 guests outdoors.

-Restaurants and hotels will be able to have their customers inside again. The maximum allowed number will be four people per table, with exceptions accepted for proved large families. Terraces will have to close at 11.30 PM and interior areas at 10 PM.

1 July

-Depending on the venue size, events may have 2,000 indoors and 2,500 outdoors.

-Weddings, funerals and other religious ceremonies may now have 200 people indoors, and 400 guests outdoors.

-All restrictions will be lifted for non-professional sports activities.

30 July

-Depending on the venue size, events may have 3,000 indoors and 5,000 outdoors.

-Trade fairs can be organized again

13 August

Festivals with large amount of guests will be allowed again. Participants will have to present proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

1 September

If 70% of the adult population are fully vaccinated by then, the government expects to
be able to lift all event restrictions.


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