Happy New Year star

Happy new (travel) year!

Have you prepared your list of travel resolutions? Id International team has some ideas for travel lovers!

Every new year marks the opportunity to think about the journeys we would like to do on the following 12 months. We can prepare ourselves to make one long travel or put our suitcase on the road to enjoy many short weekends… Our staff gathered together to come up with a full list of resolutions to inspire you to travel more in 2018! Check this out!

1. I will have more fun in my next travel

Never forget the real reason that impulses us to travel: we are there to enjoy ourselves. So, do not get stressed with anything. If it’s about travel logistics, Id International will take care of that. Discover a new side of your personality, find new ways to meet people or simply relax. Smile, you have this time for yourself, to do whatever you want.

Keep walking, keep smiling!

2. I will learn more about the destination

Travel is a wonderful moment to open our minds, learn about ourselves and other people, learn new things! It improves our education in all senses. New languages, new cultures, histories… It’s nearly impossible to come back home not having experienced and learned something that we were unaware…

3. I will be more creative to choose my next travel

Do you have the feeling you have been to most of world famous capitals? Do you feel it’s more of the same everywhere? The world is full of hidden gems, out of the massive tourism beaten track. Let’s try something creative in 2018! You can get amazed by Thematics by Id travel programs!

4. I will visit at least one new place in 2018

No matter if the new place you want to visit is far or close to your home. You can always count on us to find a creative last-minute package that fits your budget!

New Year’s resolution: let’s visit a new place!

5. I will be a more sustainable traveller

The United Nations declared 2017 as the year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, concept we are committed to keep in our projects. When we design your travel, we make sure to follow ethical headlines to promote sustainable tourism… Are curious about how you can you help the world by travelling? For example, could you take the train instead of the plane in one of your travels? Could you hold your horses and avoid taking a selfie touching an wild animal? Or choose a boat service that won’t break corals apart in your next diving expedition? Could you help a community to develop their local economy? There are so many questions that help us to make good sustainable travel decisions! 🙂

No selfies with me, please!


6. I will develop my skills or learn new ones

Think about your work. Think about your hobbies. Think about what you would like to do! A travel can be a fantastic break to improve all these skills we have been working on for years or would love to start! Needless to say… That’s why we have so many different travel and event activities available! 🙂

7. I will sleep in an incredible place in my next travel!

Make your dream come true in 2018! Do you dream jumping in a classic 5-star hotel bedroom? Or a more adventurous sleeping experience in a warm forest, icy frozen place or even under the sea? Or just a cozy “feel like a local” experience? We can plan this moment the way you want. Sleeping is also part of the travel! ZZZzzz…

 Let’s choose an incredible place to sleep!