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Discover your own Rimini: on the beach and beyond!

7 tips to enjoy this 2,000 year old (and forever young) Italian city

Viviane Vaz for Id International


Rimini, what is it? It is a dimension of memory, a memory invented, adulterated, tampered with, on which I have speculated so much that a sort of embarrassment has arisen in me”, said once the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini about his home town.

If you ever have the chance to visit this Italian city facing the Adriatic sea, in the Emilia Romagna region, the words of Fellini will eventually take shape. You don’t need to be a local. Even as a tourist or business traveler, you will end up discovering “your Rimini” and making memories of your own.

For many travellers, Rimini means Summer time in Italy. For others, Rimini is synonymy of business travel and networking, thanks to its huge modern Congress center. For a third group of people, Rimini is the eternal home of Fellini. And to a last group, Rimini is actually Ariminum, founded by the Romans in 268 BC. One of the world oldest cities is still today a non-stop town making History.

So, it’s up to you to choose how you will swim Rimini’s ocean of possibilities. Myself, I came to Rimini to attend a Tourism congress this October and my perspective of the city changed every single day, each time I turned a corner and went for a different activity.

Then I will share with you a little bit of “my Rimini”, in case you plan to go there for work or leisure reasons:

  1. Enjoy the beach

    Even if you are there for working reasons such as attending a congress, wake up a bit earlier to stretch on the beach or walk along the sea. You will start your day refreshed! Or… do it after your meetings and get brand new for the following day.

    What about charmingly refreshing your feet in a sunny afternoon? 🙂

  2. Go sunbathing

    In Rome, as the Romans. In Rimini, as the Riminis! 😀 Choose your bench or a hot stone along the sea and get some vitamin D!

  3. Discover Fellini inspiration source

    If you love the classics of the Italian cinema, you cannot miss visiting the birthplace of Federico Fellini. The movie director came back many times to Rimini to recover his batteries and get inspiration. Smart guy!

    Did you know Fellini wrote his Book of Dreams?

    It’s worth to recall Fellini’s thoughts on Rimini: “I have not done in my life a film about my country. In Rimini I was born, in every sense. The Fulgor cinema, the flavours of the table, the open void of the sea, the enchantment of women; all the wonders for me come from here. What would I have been without Rimini? What would I have been without the dreams it gave me? Here the sea and the earth are a big screen that comes on. My films have travelled all over the world, but maybe I’ve never moved, I’ve never left. I took all my spectators by the hand, I accompanied them to taste the enchanted places of my childhood. In this sweet and welcoming corner of Romagna, where it is still possible to learn to dream…”

    Can you imagine watching a movie where little Fellini used to go and fell in love with cinema? The theater has been recently restored and looks marvellous inside! A must do!
  4. Travel in time

    Either if you love Medieval or Ancient Roman times, Rimini is THE hidden, out of the beaten track Italian gem.

  5. Take it slow

    Turn off your smart phone, take a sit on a square and enjoy a delicious Italian ice cream, while talking to the locals or watching the Romans pass by! I spotted one! 😉

  6. Sunset on the bridge of two emperors

    This bridge marks the start of Via Emilia, one of the Roman Empires’ five most important roads that exists until today. In 14 A.D the emperor Augustus ordered this bridge to be built over the river Marecchia to ensure that Via Emilia would continue its route north. But bridge would be finished only seven years later, in 21 AD, under the rule of Emperor Tiberius. That’s why there’s a Latin inscription on the inner parapet stating: “given by both emperors”.  Today the bridge is known as Ponte d’Augusto or Ponte di Tiberio. 

    Isn’t it amazing this bridge has been crossed by people and cars for 2,000 years?

     I guess they would never have imagined that next to their construction some cool little bars would pop up in Arrimini and people would gather around it to drink a tasty orange drink called Spritz or sit on the park to watch the sunset.

  7. Bike along the marina

A nice place to go for a bike ride is Rimini’s marina area, where you will see some colourful boats nicely docked. Ride your Italian bici and feel the sea breeze on your face… That’s la Dolce Vitta!


What do you think? Do you agree Rimini can be a nice destination during Summer and throughout the year? Use your imagination! (But if you have no time to use yours, surely you can always use ours! 😉 Just give us a call or send us an e-mail). But please don’t get surprised if later on you have your staff saying: “Another congress in Rimini? Ok, l’ll make this sacrifice…”

Rimini Conference Centre: are you ready to enter it and make your business take off?