Saint-Bernard Dog Museum

Meet the real home of the Great St. Bernard dog, the best friend of Swiss travellers

This place is a must specially if you have kids, love dogs and did have a childhood full of Saint Bernard stories. Who didn’t hear about Barry, the cute big dog who struggled in the Swiss snow mountains to help find and save lost injured travellers for the Hospice Saint Bernard? Even me, born and raised in a tropical country! But if you didn’t, it’s time to catch up 😉

A great moment with my new Swiss friends!

This museum is housed in a former military warehouse close to an ancient Roman theatre. Today is the home of interesting and curious artifacts and documents that tell the story of those Great St. Bernard dogs.

The area where the St. Bernard dogs chill out (yep, they are now animal celebraties!) is linked to an outdoor wooded park where they can romp about and be watched by the public.

Besides, if you feel a bit hungry or need refreshments, there is a nice restaurant with a terrace waiting for you.

The good news is that we can also organize your private or corporate event there. Can you imagine your people interacting with a San Bernard? Yes, we can. So, start preparing yourself by learning how to greet a Saint Bernard (or his friends) with these tips: