Slowly but surely, back to live events in Belgium

Viviane Vaz for Id International

(Brussels, 30 APR 2021)

Tired of video conferences for work and leisure? Missing the good face-to-face? There’s some light in the end of the tunnel for getting back to live events in Belgium. On April 23, the government announced goals and protocols for the next two months.

First of all, the curfew will be lifted from May 8. Instead, there will be a ban on assembling 3 people or more between midnight and 5 a.m..

Live events will need to go through the “Covid Event Risk Model” (CERM) and the “Covid Infrastructure Risk Model” (CIRM). If the event respect all the prescriptions of these two tools, you may be granted an authorization from the municipal authorities.


🎭  Cultural and other type of events can take place from May 8, only outdoors, with a maximum of 50 people. Guests will have to be seated, wear a mask and respect social distance.

🏃  If the event involves sports activities, then it can count with a maximum of 25 participants, also outdoors.

🍻  In the hotel and catering sector, restaurants and cafes will be able to reopen on Saturday 8 May and welcome customers on the terrace from 8 am until 10 pm. Four people seated per table will be allowed, but exceptions will be granted for large families. As for events, the terrace can only accommodate a maximum of 50 people.

😷  Wearing a mask will be compulsory for staff at all times. Customers will also need to wear the mask when getting up from the table to go to the bathroom, for example.


There is no specific date yet, but the numbers are clear:

Indoor events: 200 people or a maximum of 75% of the CIRM capacity, only with seated guests, wearing masks and keeping social distance.

Outdoor events: a maximum of 200 people for cultural events, sports competitions and so on. Guest should also keep masks and social distance.

🏨  And some good news for travel & events organizers: from June 25, indoor and outdoor activities are permitted for a maximum of 50 people, with an overnight stay possible.


👉 The next consultation committee will take place on May 11. Stay tuned at out travel & event blog and contact Id International if you want your event organized by a professional licensed agency.