Buenos Aires - Festival Buenos Aires

Tango travel to Buenos Aires

A passionate way to discover the capital of tango

Every August Buenos Aires becomes the world tango capital by excellence, when the city hosts the International Tango Festival. Dancers and tourists have the chance to enjoy and admire the best orchestras, tango dance shows and competitions, tango movies and exclusive milongas.

Id International created now a special program to offer tango addicts the possibility to visit Buenos Aires through a tango perspective: the Buenos Aires tango travel!

Our Belgian agency has a long experience in thematic travels specially designed for dancers and artists.

The full tango travel program includes tours to tango historical places; meet & greet with Buenos Aires tango personalities; and tango classes with well-known maestros. It also includes a special excursion to Tigre (to enjoy the great Rio de la Plata) and a delicious authentic “asado”, the Argentinian barbecue. And, of course, the participation in the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. Not to miss!

New dates: from 16 to 25 August, 2019