Ibiza blog

Be you… Be in Ibiza!

The Spanish island fits all kinds of travel & event dreams

Viviane Vaz

Ibiza is the kind of magic place that gives exactly what you are looking for. This island in the east coast of Spain, the third largest of the Balearic Islands, is well known for Summer electronic festivals, but in fact is a destination that can please different types of travellers all year round. Just be you!

Are you looking for a good party? Tell us what you are listening to and we help you find your tribe! 😉


Are you dreaming to relax and enjoy the sun? No problem, Ibiza has so many beautiful beaches and hidden calas… You can scape from the crowds any time of the day…

Isn’t it the perfect scenery to relax and read your book?

Are you looking forward to organising your next event or incentive in Ibiza? It’s definitely a great choice and we can arrange everything for you, including flights, airport transfers, hotel reservations and special activities.


Or perhaps you are in need of a cultural city break that combines it all? We do have really nice Ibiza walking routes for you in mind… 

Did you know these father and child, iconic symbols of a hippie Ibiza, were actually from Amsterdam? Come with us and we tell you more about this and other stories! 😉

And if you are the sportive type… This is a fantastic place to go biking, horseriding, diving, kayaking… What makes you happy? 

Keep running! Feel alive in Ibiza!


Id International travelled with a guest invitation to M&I Forum.