Montego Bay

Reggae Sumfest travel: a music adventure to Jamaica

Enjoy Reggae Sumfest 25th anniversary and discover Jamaican life style & wisdom

Every year Jamaicans look forward to attending the Reggae Sumfest, a very special music festival event held in July. Artists from all over Jamaica come to perform in the paradisiac beach of Montego Bay and give the best of their reggae roots, music creativity and party boost.

Montego Bay
Chilling out in Montego Bay

With a history of dedicated travel work with the music industry, Id International could not miss the opportunity to organize a dream travel to those who want to be in Jamaica for this festival. Even more knowing that Sumfest celebrates its 25th anniversary this July!

“It’s going to be a trip open to everybody, from the reggae fan to a traveller who would like to get an original glimpse of the island and understand Jamaican culture”, explains Id International’s director, Christophe Barbé.

Together with Skinfama, Id’s music partner, the agency has prepared an adventure trip never released in Europe before: a dedicated travel program to reggae fans Jamaica lovers and globetrotters looking for a unique experience. “Many people know reggae, many people know Bob Marley, but very few people knows Jamaica, one of the most important places in the world for music history”, points out Greg Jacqmain, Comms manager at Skinfama.

Sumfest crowd

Both professionals guarantee this reggae holiday is going to be very different from the travel packages offered by most tour operators, delivering traditional hotel & flight packages. “We are offering a real reggae experience by meeting the artists & the locals, going to local events, bringing our guests to exclusive locations and open the doors to the real Jamaican culture”, details Barbé.

The Sumfest festival will be the highlight of the travel. Besides, the amazing beaches and festival location, Montego Bay is also a great point of departure to explore the island. From there, all guests will have the chance to meet Reggae artist; experience the mountains where Bob Marley lived; do river rafting; cook Rastafarian dishes and much more!

Jam session

The participants are going to feel the sun that shines, the green lands and share musical moments with strong fascinating people. “As a reggae lover it’s a must to feel and experience Jamaica”, advises Danny Creatah, from World a Reggae, announcing partner in this project.

Enjoy the sunshine and beaches, witness the mountains and share memorable moments with fascinating people. “The weather, the music, good vibration, Jamaica is Jamaica. You have to be there to feel it!”, adds Jacqmain.

Id International develops thematic & group travels for over 10 years. Skinfama is active in the music business for more than 15 years. The project also counts with the support of World a Reggae, VP records and the Jamaican Tourism board.